It's time to get paid for your time!

Starting any business is hard work and you deserve to make decent profits

Growing an online store to a profitable scale isn't easy. You need to bring a LOT more people to your website; and improve the site to increase conversions. You need to start to being much more scientific about things and you probably need expert help.

. . . . . . . . .

Shoptimise is a digital agency specialising in ecommerce and online booking.

We help business owners to significantly grow their online revenue. We give you the 3C's (Consulting, Coding and Coaching) needed to achieve profitable growth.

Our ecommerce experience dates back to 1997. We've learned what actually works.

Here's how we grow...

Increase Traffic
Your business is a "system" and more input means more output. We drive more people to your website by improving your Google rankings and running Social, Search and Email campaigns.

Improve Your Website
Next we make changes to your website to improve the "user experience". A better website experience translates into higher conversion rates (more orders per visitor) and more sales.

Digital Tune-Up Questions

How will it help me?

This is a chance to see what it’s like to work with us and get some real results in a short timeframe with minimum financial risk.

You'll gain a better understanding of digital marketing and ecommerce and end up with a clear and simple digital strategy to follow. We'll also implement some “quick fixes” on your website that aim to increase traffic and/or conversions.

How long does the project take?

Normally about 2 weeks start to finish

What things will I need to do?

To do the analysis we will need access to:
- Your website platform (e.g. Shopify, SquareSpace, WordPress etc)
- Website Analytics tools you use (e.g. Google Analytics)

To implement Quick Fixes we will need Admin-level access to your website.

You should anticipate spending a few hours of time to discuss your business, website and marketing in some detail with us and to gather data and login details we need.

What deliverables will I end up with?

As well as learning plenty along the way, you will be left with:

- key findings from analysing your data
- a breif digital marketing strategy document to follow
- some small improvements to your website ("quick fixes") that aim to improve your sales
- a feel for what we are like to work with and what to expect from a longer-term partnership

What are some examples of website "fixes"?

Note that we won’t make any changes to your website without getting your approval first.

Some of the changes you won’t see but they will be detected by search engines.

Changes that you will see might include re-wording the Page Title, main headings, and minor changes to body text.

We might also want to add more information on product pages or change the way the checkout flow works. We will discuss these with you first.

How will I know if the project was successful?

You should notice some increase in website traffic and/or conversion rates, which normally translate into some increase in sales.

30 days after the project finishes we'll send you a report to show your changes in clicks, visitors, conversions rates, orders and sales.

Our goal is ultimately to keep you as a long-term client. To do that we know we need to prove ourselves first! That's really what this "mini-project" is about - we're going to try to deliver the best results we can in order to sign you as a long-term client.

How can you offer all that for just a few hundred dollars?

We know, we should really be charging much more!

But this "mini-project" is an opportunity for both of us to try working together for a limited time, with no long-term committment, and minimal financial risk.

Most of the time our clients get great results and want to continue working with us longer-term; so we offer this first project at a reduced price to attract new clients. It's what's known as a "loss leader".

What happens after the Digital Tune-Up?

If, after learning a little about your business, we genuinely believe we can help to grow your online sales further then we'll offer to work with you on an ongoing basis.

We normally develop a 12-month roadmap and work towards that doing different things each month in order to deliver on the overall strategy.

By working together over the long-term we can usually acheive amazing growth.

How much do we charge on an ongoing basis?

It depends on your online revenue and what we think we can realistically acheieve for you in terms of growth.

There isn't a standard price as such - its something we customise for each client. Normally our fees are split into a small monthly retainer, plus a "performance fee" based on the revenue increases we acheieve. We beleive in sharing some of the risk with our clients!


4 x Revenue Growth in 3 Years

We dramatically improved Cape LaHave's Google rankings for important keywords. This generated a massive increase in the number of people finding their website

Website Visitors increased by 93% (1,240 per month to 2,395 per month)

Between 2019 and 2022 online bookings increased 360%

We redesigned the website in Shopify. Using cleaner design, lots more product information, and "social proof" to increase conversions, revenue/visitor went from $4 to $13.

Avg Conversion Rate increased from 1.4% to 4.5%

What our clients say...

  • "Sales increased significantly"

    I can't recommend Paul highly enough. From the beginning of my marketing and ecommerce journey he was super informative and interested in my business. My sales have increased significantly.

    Tash, Suga Mumma Bakes 
  • "Ranking ahead of Amazon"

    Working with Paul was key to our online growth; showing us where we were at and helping to create and implement a plan. We are now ranking ahead of Amazon and well-known brands in search results!

    Liz, Earthproof Protein 
  • "Thrilled with the results!"

    Paul was easy to work with, helping us with SEO improvements in a simple and clear manner and communicating what we could expect. The process was painless and we're thrilled with the results!

    Sarah, Cape LaHave Adventures